Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Volunteer Opportunities to Support Immigrant Families

The New Mexico Faith Coalition for Immigrant Justice has formed teams of volunteers to give support to immigrant families in our community. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Daniel Erdman, staff person for NMFCIJ, at 505-459-0855.

Each team is in partnership with the family that it supports. We do not wish to create dependency but rather to aid the family in identifying and prioritizing their own needs and seeking their own resources.

There are several categories of NMFCIJ volunteers providing services.

· Direct contact teams of two or three people are assigned to a specific family to help them organize and use the resources they need in their time of crisis

· Research volunteers help identify community resources beyond those already known, and also update information about known resources regarding policies and practices toward undocumented immigrants; they report this to NMFCIJ.

· Transportation volunteers give backup to the contact teams when the schedules of the latter do not allow them to help a family with a legitimate transportation need; they also may be contacted by Ricardo Ch├ívez for help with some of his clients who are not matched with a NMFCIJ team

· Child care volunteers are currently slated to help with child care during the ICE Hold workshops at Plaza de Encuentro

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